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Bachata Ambassador®
Defines bachata concepts in DR

We recommend to glance quickly the concepts and to read the Authentic Bachata® definition. You'll notice bachata life being totally different in DR compared to all other countries.

Extended Bachata Roots Authentic Bachata
Authentic Bachata® Explained

Bachata Ambassador® Vesa has written a definition of the Authentic Dominican Bachata. Read it carefully or just glance all the videos to get at least some idea of how Dominicans dance bachata. Make sure to understand that Authentic Bachata is a social dance, not a formal show or competition dance. Dominican clubs don't organize bachata shows and competitions. Exceptions apply, especially salsa competitions in TV channels.

Authentic Dominican Bachata Explained

Bolero music and dance

Bolero is a 130 years old romantic latin dance. Please, read the Bolero page to understand why we have a couple of Bolero workshops and Bolero&VintageBachata Night Party.

Bolero Logo

Bachata roots and history

The workshop Extended Bachata Roots will be an exciting journey to tainos, conquistadors, slaves, palo, atabales, religion, belief, fears, leisure, celebrations, politics, bourgeois, peasants, trujillo, merengue and tipico in the timeframe 1400-1960. We will raise up the details which had an impact on the evolution of the music and dance in Dominican Republic. Extended Bachata RootsBachata Ambassador re-wrote the History of Bachata, because the "Official Bachata History" or the "Internet Bachata History" is full of confusing errors. The history was easy to correct, because most of the bachata artists are still alive and willing to tell the truth (at least from their point of view). Bachata Ambassador got invaluable help for his studies from the Dominican historian Melody.

Bachata History Rewritten

Bachata Tour and Ruta Bachatera

Bachata Tour - Ruta Bachatera

Bachata Tour means bringing attendees by bus from hotel to the best bachata clubs. Ruta Bachatera is a bit different concept because it has a private bus touring around the DomRep for 3-7 days. Bachata Tour and Ruta Bachatera are inventions of Bachata Ambassador Vesa. Below you can see our first Bachata Tour Guerra video with 180 000 visitors. Pretty impressive and totally different than in any bachata parties in the world. Read more

Musicality for the musicians and dancers

Musicality means dancing to the rhythm, melody, and mood of the music. It's the key issue in any dance and especially in the Authentic Dominican style bachata. Dominicans seem to hear bachata more diversely and their stepping has logics unknown to the rest of the world. Dominican bachata has On1, On2, On3, On4, 4 step, 3 step, double step, triple step, syncopated step and chachacha step. Dominicans always dance to the music, some perfectly but everyone at least believe following the rhythm. MusicalityMusicality is actually a highly complex set of issues. In the beat level you'll find the stepping technics and stepping to the rhythm of the instruments. The skill of hearing the measures and sections is even more valuable, because failing in hearing the music section changing is the moment when Dominicans say "you can't dance" or "you are out of the rhythm". Their perception of the rhythm is in higher musicality level than ours. The highest level "melody and mood" means living the moment in a deep sentimental and musical understanding. Adding the cultural customs, habits and patterns to each individual song in each different village or suburb makes the musical perfection impossible, but highly recommend way of enjoying the life learning the new way's to express yourself and to love dancing as it would be the life itself.

Bachata Ambassador introduced bachata musicality 2011

We have invested a lot to the musicality workshops. Our event is the only bachata festival in the world covering all the musicality levels. All our diamond level Dominican instructors are well prepared to give you a huge amount of musicality workshops. In addition you'll be 9 days surrounded by the music and musicality with Dominicans. The authentic environment will fill your brains with all the musicality levels. Our event in DR will certainly change your way to hear and to dance to music.

Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Palo, Dembow

Merengue is the most popular dance in Dominican Republic and also well-known all over the world. Tipico (Merengue Tipico, Perico Ripiao) refers to the fast tempo old fashioned music&dance, which is still nowadays common everywhere in DR, especially in Cibao (Santiago area). Mambo (Merengue Mambo, Merengue Urbano) is the urban version of Merengue. Dembow is the Dominican Reggaeton enhanced with with Mambo, Urban, Hip-Hop, Electronic and the Dominican way of doing and dancing the music.


Merengue is a pretty dance. International dancers regard Merengue boring, most probably because they just cannot dance it enough well. Have you seen the Yocasti&Johan quality outside DomRep?


Tropical beach on fire ! Hot hot emotions !! DR3, DR6, DR8 and DR9 had such a wonderful moment with the Bonfire Bachata :-) We hope to do it again in some future festival.