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DR12 Workshop OutlineDR12 Full 9 Days
Festival Program

DR12 Catamaran 1 day is the most beautiful and desirable dance experience in the whole world. DR12 Santo Domingo 4 days has 20 workshop hours, 12 Dominican instructors and every night barrio parties and concerts in different clubs. DR12 Ruta Bachata 4 days is a private bus to tour around the island to show the best bachata party places and to see the most famous bachata artists.

Focus and goal

We will teach you to dance like a Dominican and you will dance with Dominicans in their clubs around the island of DR. In order to be able to dance with Dominicans you need Authentic Bachata structure, common elements, stepping technics, musicality and cultural issues. Authentic Bachata is totally different than International Bachata, based on natural life long learning processes. It's certainly much more complicated, but feels so good with Dominicans.

Totally different than all the other events in the world

DR12 does not have kizomba, international bachata or any other dance genres that dominicans don't listen&dance in their clubs. However Dominican Republic has the best Bachata music and dance. In addition you'll get the other Dominican music&dance genres like merengue, tipico, mambo, salsa, son and dembow. DR12 will not visit international resort hotels or the beaches meant just for tourists, because there is no Authentic Bachata. DR12 is committed to be 100% authentic dominican dance adventure made by Dominicans. While international participants of the other events dance just together in a resort hotel, we go every night to a different barrio club to dance with dominicans. While the congresses in the world tend to concentrate just on shows and randomly selected advanced footworking technics, we have highly advanced in-depth training of Authentic Bachata to make sure all the participants will learn to dance like a dominican. In addition to the excellent workshops, parties and concerts, DR12 is a Dance Adveture to see the cities, barrios, countryside, rivers, catamaran, colmadonm car-wash, cabaret and everything related on how Dominicans have Bachata Fun.

Where we meet, accommodate and get started ?

Festival dates are Dec 10-18, but your flight and accommodation should be Dec 9-19. The Pre-Registration is at the Hotel Palacio 6PM and at the Antiguo Hotel Europa 6:30PM on Sunday Dec 9. There after we continue to see the mighty Grupo Bonye concert @ Ruins. The Catamaran Excursion will start 6:50AM from the lobby of Hotel Palacio and 7:00AM from the lobby of Antiguo Hotel Europa on Monday Dec 10. The registration for workshops start 9:30AM on Tuesday Dec 11 in Trovas Tapas Bar. The Ruta bus returns back to Zona Colonial about 2-3pm on Tuesday Dec 19.

DR12 Preliminary Workshop Outline

DR12 Workshop Outline

Day to Day Program Explained

Arrival, PreRegistration, Bonye@Ruins

DR12 is a great adventure right from the arrival. After the pre-registration we go to see you'll see the mighty Grupo Bonye @ Ruins with thousands of Dominicans having drinking and dancing.

Grupo Bonye @ Ruins

It's a steaming hot dance party. Maybe we will later on see some other club also. Arrival day isn't yet a festival day, but we are happy to welcome everyone with the most exotic ambient.

Catamaran Excursion to Saona Island

Catamaran Excursion to Saona Island has always been the best ever, life long tropical bachata paradise experience. We did it in DR2, DR3, DR4, DR6, DR8, DR10, DR11 and now we proudly do it in DR12. It's a must! Catamaran Excursion is all-inclusive dance excursion to Saona Island. The price includes lunch, drinks, charter bus, catamaran, Saona island, ocean pool, animation, fun activities and endless amount of dancing. The best of all is dancing, swimming and partying on catamaran, Saona and everywhere with dance crazy people. Carlito and Yocasti will take care of the best ever animations. Naturally you'll take hundreds of photos and videos. Look at the Catamaran page, trailer, Mueve la Colita, Catamaran Fun, Paradise Bachata Social, Yocasti Paradise Beach, photos, videos and book your trip to bachata paradise.

Catamaran Excursion


Registration 9:30AM, workshops 10AM-4PM. At night we meet 7PM at Hotel Europa to see some Zona Colonial clubs, e.g. in past years we have visited many times Club Merengue: DR6 party, Rodolfo&Yocasti Salsa, Vesa&Yocasti Bolero, Rodolfo&Yocasti Bachata, Vesa&Yocasti Merengue and Melanie concert.


Workshops 10AM-4PM. Departure to the Barrio Club concert by bus in front of Hotel Europa 8PM. Estimated return 1-2AM. The transport is included. DR11 had the best ever concert night "tripletazo bachatazo" meaning 3 famous artists Zorro Negro, Jose Miguel and also Joan Soriano had a couple of songs. The place was full full, a lot of dancing and our 20 talented Dominican dancers did amazing dembow and merengue animations. What a night!!! We hope DR12 will have something similar.

Colmadon & Car Wash

Jose Miguel, great bachatero with excellent music for the dancers.

Jose Miguel


Workshops 10AM-4PM. First party 7PM at Colmadon.


The second party will in a Barrio Cabaret, departure at 9PM by bus in front of Hotel Europa. Estimated return time 1AM. We don't want any other groups, individuals or tourists to join us into this legendary place.



Workshops 10AM-4PM. Departure to live bachata concert 8PM from Antiguo Hotel Europa. DR11 was extremely happy to have Anthony Santos concert, Joe Veras concert and a Tipico concert. It was a long night, first went the whole group together to a Car-Wash to dance bachata, salsa and topico with live band. After that there were the concerts of Joe Veras at another barrio car-wash and the Anthony Santos at City Cub.

It was funny that our DR11 marketing said Dinastia@L'Hangar. Our competitor copied our idea and they were anxiously waiting for us in L'Hangar. We didn't choose L'Hangar because it had just a regular free of charge party. Instead we offered to DR11 the best ever party&concert night.