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Bachata Ambassador started DR festivals with
BachataTours and Excursions

Bachata Ambassador® Vesa has visited hundreds of Dominican party places (colmadon, car-wash, sports bar, nightclub, discoteca, terraza, pavillion...) and other attractions (rivers, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, caves) during his 42 visits in DomRep since 1989. Without the help of his Dominicans it wouldn't have been possible to discover the Dominican dance culture in it's full richness.

Vesa & Yocasti

Ten years ago Vesa was ready to get started with the DR Bachata Festivals. Right from the very beginning he decided to include BachataTours, meaning bringing festival attendees to see the real bachata life in the local clubs. BachataTour proved to be the key element to the success of DR festivals. The first video "BachaTour Guerra" has already 170 000 YouTube visitors. The Guerra concert party was really good, exotic and 100% authentic Dominican party.

Vesa enhanced the "visiting 1 club" BachataTour concept to visit several clubs at the same night. Excellent idea, and allows to stay less time or skip the quiet places and enjoy more in the best places. Seeing many different types of ambient is a big benefit, as you can see in this BachataTour Guerra to 3 clubs 3 bands video.

Guerra Town Hall gave Vesa an award of his hard work in promoting and developing Authentic Dominican Bachata. That inspired him to do together with the Guerra Town a really fancy Tripletazo Concert Celito-Fenix-Atabales @ Parque Municipal Guerra for DR10.

Tripletazo @ Guerra

BachataTour Home Run

BachataTour Romana

BachataTour San Pedro

Catamaran and River Excursions

Catamaran Excursion sounds like a touristic trip and actually it's based on a touristic trip, but we implement it as a dance trip. We dance the whole trip, while waiting the Catamaran, on the Catamaran, in Saona Island and in the Ocean. Instead of calling it BachataTour, we prefer using the title Dance Excursion because it's daytime activity, not night time activity.

Catamaran Excursion

Catamaran Excursion has been the favorite of all the attendees. The excursion done in DR2 has got already 50 000 YouTube visitors.

Fula River is another Excursion showing the real Dominican river madness.

Jarabacoa River Club is really beautiful entertainment center with the fierce rive, hanging bridge, several pools, restaurants and big dance floor.

The legendary first BachataTour video with 180 000 YouTube visitors