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Bachata Ambassador® Vesa
Bachata Musicality

Musicality means knowledge of, sensitivity to, or talent for the music. Some dancers are exceptionally talent for, Dominicans are mostly sensitivity to, and the rest of the dancers can search more knowledge of the bachata musicality. Musicians go to school to learn to play the instruments and to understand thoroughly the musical structures. Dominican dancers don't need education, because they already have the sensitivity to bachata music. The rest of the dancers should attend musicality workshops and listen to bachata every day.


The video above is the first ever published educational video of the bachata musicality. Bachata Ambassador did it 2011 together with Carlos Suarez band. It's really good and complete package. The video covers musician view to the musicality, but it certainly helps also the dancers. Most of the international instructors have copied this video or created similar type of videos. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO WATCH IT SEVERAL TIMES !!! Y AQUI PUEDES VER EL MISMO SUBTITULADO EN ESPAÑOL.

Bachata Ambassador® Vesa
Learn to play Bongo and Guira

We take it seriously. We have all the angles of Musicality. It's not enough to say "listen to the bongo and guira derecho and majao". Most of the people have problems in hearing Guira or understanding which sound means derecho, majao or mambo. That's why we teach you to play bongo and guira. That forces you to understand the music structure, music sections and to understand which bongo&guira sound belongs to derecho and majao.Learn to play Bongo and GuiraYou won't beat the professional bongo&guira musicians with the 1 hour education, but it's amazing how quickly everyone learns the basics, thank's to our excellent instructor, professional percussionist Wilson Tambora. The goal is to teach you to play the basics on top of the background music. The advanced workshop will teach the transitions and decorations..