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DR11 has all the
Dominican dance genres

Dominican clubs play always VARIADA, which means Dominican DJ's playing at one night nearly all the dominican music genrest. The clubs for youngsters focus on Dembow, but they might also play some Merengue, Tipico, international Reggaeton and popular hits. The regular clubs, colmadons and car-washes play mostly merengue and tipico, but also some bachata and salsa. Some clubs specialize in bachata, but however they certainly play also merengue family music (merengue, tipico and mambo).

Merengue Family

Key question

Should you be pissed of with the dominican music and dance culture? Should you loudly insist more bachata in front of the millions merengue loving dominicans? cannot do that. They will not change their culture. You just have to accept the dominican dance culture as it is !! Instead of getting bored with merengue-tipico-mambo sessions, you should learn to enjoy and dance them :-) Hiding scared or bored in a corner of dance club isn't the right answer.

Authentic Merengue

The video below is a perfect example of the Authentic Merengue. Not all the Dominicans dance as well as Yocasti and Johan. They are really talented natural dancers. They never took any merengue lessons and actually there aren't any merengue and bachata classes for dominicans in Dominican Republic (a few exceptions apply). The Natural way to dance Authentic Merengue is the highest and the most artistic level you could reach.

Yocasti&Johan dancing Merengue in a colmadon

The regular dominicans dance simple merengue, as you can see in the second half of the video below.

Simple Authentic Merengue in Home Run, Sto Domingo

Many Dominicans add also Salsa style hand turnings into their Merengue. Julio will teach you a lot of Merengue tricks.

Julio&Yanet Merengue

Merengue boring?

By definition the merengue video on top of the page cannot be boring because it has 177 000 YouTube visitors. Mostly just the people who cannot dance Authentic Dominican Style Merengue blame Merengue being boring, LoLoL. That's how the life is, people who don't know anything are the most eager to criticize. Seeing and dancing the merengue family dances in Dominican Republic opens automatically the eyes. Merengue family dances are really interesting! If only there would be more merengue workshops...and parties...everywhere in the world!

DR11 has 100% authentic Dominican music

We take it seriously. As we go to the Dominican local clubs all around the island, we'll certainly hear and dance more dance genres than just the bachata. Dominicans actually dance much more Merengue family dances compared to Bachata. Therefore it's crucial to teach our participants to survive the Dominican clubs and parties. We don't understand why the other international promoters just lock the participants into the hotel workshop hall and never let them to see the real Dominican party life. DR11 will have 100% authentic Dominican music in the parties and we are proud in being able to show you the real dominican culture.

Merengue is actually fun

Bachata Ambassador and Liccelot dancing Merengue



DR6 Bachata Festival had pretty impressive Merengue Animations ... of course DR11 will offer more