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DR11 diamond level instructor
Yocasti Autentica

Yocasti Puntiel from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic is the most famous instructor of Authentic Dominican Bachata, salsa champion of Dominican Republic, award winning performer, scientist of
authentic bachata, diamond level instructor, amazing animator and coordinator of DR11 Bachata Festival .


Yocasti showed her outstanding skills already in DR4, DR5, DR6, DR7, DR8.

Yocasti Puntiel

Yocasti has authentic bachata in her blood. Like all the great Dominican dancers she learned bachata at the age of 1 years old. She refined her bachata in the streets, colmadons and discotecas of Santo Domingo.


Yocasti can dance all the latin dances (Bachata, Salsa On1/ On2/ Dominican/ LA/ New York/ Cuban, Dominican Son, Chachacha, Bolero, Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Palo, Dembow, etc.).


She is internationally famous both in Bachata and Salsa and a frequent instructor and performer in Bachata and Salsa Congresses.


Yocasti will teach in DR11 Bachata Festival with Bachata Ambassador Vesa and also with Carlito, Maquiol and others. Yocasti is also the driving force of the Dominican animations (=fun activities).


Yocasti is the co-creator of the worlds best selling bachata concept DR11 Ruta Bachatera.


Yocasti does workshops for beginners, advanced dancers, highly artistic, really complicated, simple, extremely scientific and uniquely peculiar. Here you can see the footwork masterpiece done by Bachata Ambassador Vesa & Yocasti.

Later on there will be a huge series of Authentic Bachata published by Bachata Ambassador Vesa & Yocasti.

Yocasti&Vesa having fun in Santo Domingo Colmadon. Listen to the comments of random Dominicans. This video explains double and triple step in a box.

Vesa@Yocasti Bolero

Bachata Ambassador Vesa created the professional training of how Dominicans dance bachata (=Authentic Bachata). He has the best knowledge of how to explain the philosophy, culture, stucture, common element and huge amount of practical things. Vesa has created excellent methods together with Yocasti. We will make sure everyone will dance like a dominican already in DR11 Bachata Festival.


Yocasti in Animations

DR6: Animacion @ Catamaran a la Isla Saona

Yocasti Fitness

DR6 The Invasion of the Animators 1

DR6 The Invation of the Animators 2

DR6 Invasion of the Merengue Animators 3

DR6 Animation: Salsa with Yocasti

DR6 Animation Palo

DR6 Fun Activities: Last Couple is the Winner ! Designed by Yocasti.

DR6: Mueve La Colita @ Saona Island