Y0casti&Yeri will teach you this subset of Yeri Style. Yeri might also introduce new subsets.

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DR8 insttructor and diamond level performer
Yeri La Ley

DR8 is proud to present Yeri La Ley the uniquely different and talented dancer&performer from Rio Fula, Bonao, Dominican Republic. Yeri has a highly advanced unique way to dance bachata and the best parts of this "Yeri Style" will be taught by Yocasti&Yeri. In addition we will see the peculiar presentations of Yeri.

Yeri La Ley

Yeri runs the Fula Fun Factory offering bachata and dembow animations, parties and nature excursions.

Yeri La Ley

Yeri la Ley is well-known all over the world due to his 1,8 million YouTube visitors bachata video. Yeri is a natural dancer with a unique style. Independent if you like his style or not, he is a huge treasure chest for authentic Dominican style bachata professionals.

DR6 Yeri and Yocasti, Titans Meet Again

DR5: Yeri la Ley & Yocasti: Titans meet in Rio Fula has already 207 000 visitors in 1 year. Yocasti danced the first time ever with Yeri without any rehearsal.

Yeri La Ley dancing bachata in the discoteca Mamantial by the Rio Fula.

DR7 predicts 1 million visitors for "Alexis Mambo and Yeri La Ley" video just because Yeri La Ley has an exceptional skill to follow like a lady as well as to lead like a man. Alexis Mambo from Dominican Republic is the most famous and talented instructor of authentic Dominican style bachata in Argentina.