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DR11 diamond level live concert
Frank Reyes - El Principe

We are lucky to see Frank Reyes concert in a rural Dominican village and fortunately DANCING IS RECOMMENDED. We found also another choice, a big outdoor theatre, but JUST WATCHING - NO DANCING. Of course we chose the full authentic and exotic smaller scale place with DANCING. DR11 price includes the transport and extrance.

Frank Reyes Concert

Tu eres Ajena is one of his greates hits ever

Olvídame Tu

The whole DomRep went crazy 2005 with Princesa song.

Como Sanar

Nada de Nada


Frank Reyes born June 4, 1969, he is one of the best known bachata artists, famous throughout Latin America. He was born in the town of Tenares in the Dominican Republic. Reyes discovered his musical talent when he was a young boy. He and his brothers started their own musical group and had great singing talent. When he was only 12 years old, he decided to travel to Santo Domingo where he worked hard and had many jobs, always dreaming of having his own business. As he got older he recorded his first album Tu serás mi reina and became the self-appointed "prince of bachata" (El príncipe de la bachata). From Wikipedia

Dominican bachata-merengue singer Frank Reyes had his breakthrough after Sony released his album Estelares de Frank Reyes on September 2, 1997. Known as Bachata's prince, Frank Reyes achieved a Casandra award, a major local recognition, as well as being nominated by Acroarte, the Dominican art journalists association, for best Bachata performer. After issuing 1998's Vine a Decirte Adios, the tropical artist returned with 1999's Extraño Mi Pueblo, produced by himself and Rafael Núñez, later, getting into the new millenium with Amor en Silencio.