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DR11 live concert
Zorro Negro

Zorro Negro (Franklin Medina from Dominican Republic) is one of the best bachateros from the 90's, a real diamond for the dancers. Just listen to his music and you'll agree! Such a variety of slow, fast, romantic, bitter and many extremely fast ones.

Zorro Negro

Zorro in YouTube - Abreme La Puerta, Pena de Amor, Traisionera, Vuelve Mujer, Mujer Ajena, Tu no te vas, : Tu no te vas, Estoy quillao and Mátame. You can find Zorro Negro e.g. in iTunes under the name Franklin Medina. Look for CD's called Mami Ven, Pena de Amor, Tu No Te Vas and Quiero Una Mujer .

El Zorro Negro in the program El poder de las 12

El Zorro Negro Tu no te vas

Zorro's Mami Ven works well in Ambiori's award winning 168 000 visitors dance video.