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Santo Domingo

DR11 has 1 day Catamaran, 3.5 days Santo Domingo and 3.5 days Ruta Bachatera. Santo Domingo part of the festival has all the 20 workshops with the 10 Dominican instructors plus Bachata Ambassador, the creator of the professional Authentic Bachata teaching. In addition we have some fun Activities, but the main point is to dance with dominicans in the barrio clubs, colmadons, car-wash and cabaret. The transport and entrances are included into the prices.

DR11 Santo Domingo

DR11 Bachata Ambassador® and about 10 Dominican instructors (Yocasti, Carlito, Maquiol, Wilson, Alejandro, Melody and Julio with their dance partners) to cover all the aspects of Authentic Bachata (=the way Dominicans dance Bachata) and a bit of Merengue, Tipico, Bolero and Son. In addition we have some lessons of how to play Bongo and Guira.

Part of DR11 instructors Alejandro Bachata Bachata Ambassador Yocasti Carlito Maquiol Wilson Julio Melody

The preliminary workshop outline. The workshops are every day from 10AM to 4PM.

DR11 workshops