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DR4 proudly presents
The Invincible Team

The Invincible Team includes the best authentic Dominican style bachata instructors from Dominican Republic like Rodolfo, Yocasti, Fanny, Pipo and Andina. In addition it includes the international instructors like Diana and Alecia who live or have been living in DR and been carefully trained by the Dominican masters. The list will expand as new talents will appear. You'll see the Invincible Team in DR4 (Dominican Republic 4th Bachata Festival and Dance Adventure January 17-27, 2014


The authentic Dominican style bachata means how Dominicans dance bachata in their clubs in Sto Domingo barrios, countryside and all over the country. Naturally Dominican instructors have the best knowledge on how they themselves dance. Most of the international bachata instructors have newer been in DR and therefore they don't have any theoretical and practical skills to teach how Dominicans dance. Authentic bachata is growing rapidly in the world and naturally it would be nice to learn the correct skills and to successfully dance it with Dominicans.

More genres available: The Invincible Team is not limited to authentic bachata. They all have a wide repertoire of Dominican dance genres like Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Palo and the various Salsa brands.

Please, fill the form to contact the Invincible Team members. DR4 organizer Vesa Parkkari will help in doing the contracts and coordinating the tours.

The Invincible Team is a created by Bachata Ambassador (Mr. Vesa Parkkari from Finland), the organizer of the mighty DR4 festival. Vesa is the scientist of the authentic Dominican style bachata and has the fundamental workshops. In addition he is Dj Dominicano Rubio and a promoter who has been able to hire over 50 Dominican live bands (e.g. Joe Veras, Joan Soriano, Kiko Rodriguez, Yoskar Sarante, El Chaval, Luis miguel del Amargue, Ramon Torres...) to his events.

Send a message to DR4 organizer to know more.


The Invincible Team