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DR10 Instructors, Artists and ConceptsDR10 has 13 instructors, about 45 workshops, 7-8 live bands, 14 parties/ concerts and thousands of Dominicans in parties

DR10 Hotels, Parties and ConcertsLook at the amazing hotels, parties and concerts in La Romana, Guerra, Boca Chica and Santo Domingo

DR10 is the most Authentic and Exotic Bachata Festival
On the Beach, Catamaran, Barrios and River

DR10 (The 10th Bachata Festival and Dance Adventure in Dominican Republic Jan 27 - Feb5, 2017) looks like the previous mighty festivals DR8-2016, DR6-2015 and DR4-2014. The first 5 days in Juan Dolio include 4 days bachata and 1 day Catamaran. The last 5 days in Santo Domingo include 1 day SalsaRD, 3 days Bachata and 1 day River Excursion. It's FULL 10 DAYS of bachata activities on the beach, catamaran, island, river, small cities, zona colonial and the barrios of Santo Domingo.

DR9 & DR10 organizer, Bachata Ambassador® Vesa, has been really active in tripling the Authentic Bachata fun in Dominican Republic. It's a mighty deed to organize DR9 PreRuta + SantoDomingo + Ruta in December and DR10 Juan Dolio + Santo Domingo in January 2017. DR9 was a huge success with Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez. DR10 will be the best in 2017 with Joan Soriano and Marino Castellano. Both events are the best in the world festival experiences. The only difference is that DR10 spends more time on the beach and DR9 has long PreRura and Ruta Bachatera tours to see the bachata attraction all around DR.

DR10 organizers

Benefits and discounts for groups and dance schools

Ask DR10 organizer, Bachata Ambassador Vesa vp the group discounts ! Just 5 tickets is needed to qualify as a group purchase. Now many dance schools around the world are bringing their students to Dominican Republic Bachata Paradise. Winter is the best time for a tropical dance escape. DR10 Juan Dolio 5 Days Jan 27-31, 2017 is perfect option for the groups.

Groups and Schools

DR10 Festival Tickets Price List

DR10 FULL 10 DAYS price US$790 includes DR10 Juan Dolio 5 Days US$430, SalsaRD US$85 and DR10 Santo Domingo 4 Days US$330. Catamaran Excursion US$92 is included into the Juan Dolio 5 days price and River Excursion US$75 is included into the Santo Domingo 4 Days price. It's recommended to communicate with DR10 organizer, Bachata Ambassador Vesa, vp. He will help you in the details.

PAY BY PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD. Ask advice vp on how to do the payment. In case you want to avoid the +5% Paypal extra or you have a discounted price, ask the BANK TRANSFER, WESTERN UNION OR OTHER PAYMENT METHOD instructions from DR10 organizer vp

Santo Domingo Hotels

You are free to select favorite hotel in Santo Domingo, because the festival has no activities in the hotels. You should choose the hotel in Zona Colonial close to the Santo Domingo workshop place Trovas Tapas Bar, Calle Isabel la Catolica #210, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo. Most of the participants will accommodate in Hotel Palacio, Antiguo Hotel Europa and Hotel Saint Nicolas. Look at the fancy video trailer of Hotel Palacio, the prices you'll see in their pages.

Antiguo Hotel Europa is an economic well located solution. The heavily discounted prices US$50 single and US$66 shared double taxes and breakfast included you'll get if you let DR10 organizer Vesa to forward your room reservation to the hotel.

Antiguo Hotel Europa

Preliminary Program

Here is your Preliminary program in .pdf format or big .jpg. The final program you'll get on arrival. DR10 instructors are Vesa, Yocasti, Rodolfo, Franchelle, Susan, Carlos, Juan Pablo, Andrea, Maquiol, Carlitos, Melody, Hilary and Wilson. Nearly all the instructors are dominicans simply because dominicans know how dominicans dance and they have life long experience in dancing like a dominican. The key instructors Bachata Ambassador® and Yocasti Auténtica® will teach the most important topics like philosophy, culture, structure, fundamentals, musicality and huge amount of topics not known by anyone else. Rodolfo will teach the rest of the key issues like leading, following, correcting, mastering, footwork and secrets not known by anyone else. We (Vesa, Yocasti, Rodolfo) will make sure that all participants will dance like a dominican.

DR10 Preliminary Program

Friday Party: Saul & Dinastia @ L'Hangar  

DR9 had such a great party in L'Hangar, so will DR10. L'Hangar is full of Dominican dancers every Friday. Saul and Dinastia is a great bachata band, perfect for dancers. The 1 hour bus transport is included into the price of the festival. Look at the videos taken in L'Hangar: Saul & Dinastia, Ambient, Rodolfo Mari Heidi, Johan&Yocasti and Popi&Fanny.



Saturday Party: El Brillante @ La Romana

The Saturday club is a relatively small and intimate club with a lot of bachata music and dancing. We'll enjoy the bachata concert of the new raising star El Brillante. Here are some previous festival experiences in La Romana: DR2 Romana tour, DR3 Romana concert, DR3 Romana tour and making TV marketing for DR8.

Brillante @ La Romana

Sunday: Car-Wash and Colmadon

Yes, they wash cars in Car-Washes  At night the places transform into huge drink, dance and concert venues. While Colmadon is mostly a small pop in for a beer place, Car-Wash is a huge concert place in the barrios where you are supposed to have a table with Brugal servicio to enjoy the concert and dancing. DR10 has on Sunday an excellent Car-Wash with live band plus Colmadon Combo. You can dance on both of them :-)

Car Wash

Beach&Pool Parties

DR10 Juan Dolio has every day Bachata Social by the pool or on the beach. It's time to relax, practice the skills learned in the workshops, sun bath and swim. On Monday we'll have also animations and shows.

Monday : Joan Soriano Concert @ Meridiana Residence Juan Dolio

Bachata Ambassador proudly presents the bachata concert of Joan Soriano @ Hotel Meridiana Residence Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. Joan Soriano, The Duke of Bachata, is one of the most famous Bachateros in the world. He has done numerous concert tours in United States, Canada, Europe and all around the world. We had his excellent concert already in DR3. Having him in DR10 is a dream come true for all of us. Look at the photos, videos, biography and listen to his music in Soriano page.

Joan Soriano @ Don Juan

Catamaran Excursion to Saona Island

Catamaran Excursion to Saona Island has always been the best ever, life time long tropical bachata paradise experience. We did it in DR2, DR3, DR4, DR6, DR8 and now we will proudly do it in DR10. It's a must, it's the most beautiful you can ever imagine. Catamaran Excursion is all-inclusive dance excursion to Saona Island. The price includes lunch, drinks, charter bus, catamaran, Saona island, ocean pool, animation, fun activities and endless amount of dancing. The best of all is dancing, swimming and partying on catamaran, Saona and everywhere with dance crazy people. Naturally you'll take hundreds of photos and videos. Look at the Catamaran page, trailer, Mueve la Colita, Catamaran Fun, Paradise Bachata Social, Yocasti Paradise Beach, photos, videos and book your trip to bachata paradise. Catamaran Excursion price US$92 is included into the DR10 Juan Dolio 5 Days price US$430.

Catamaran Excursion

Moving from Juan Dolio to Santo Domingo

DR10 has a bus to take the participants to Santo Domingo. THE NEW PLAN is return from Catamaran Excursion via Hotel Meridiana Juan Dolio to Santo Domingo on Tuesday Jan 31. We will arrive in Santo Domingo about 8PM-9PM. The new plan will give us good sleep on Tuesday night to be be ready to start the DR10 Santo Domingo on Wednesday Jan 1. Please, remember to extend your Santo Domingo accommodation to start from Jan 31.

Wednesday: SalsaRD EXPLAINED

Dominicans dance in their parties dembow, merengue, tipico, mambo, authentic bachata, salsa, son and palo in this orden. Dembow and Merengue family dances are the most common, and we know where the places to dance also bachata and salsa. DR10 concentrates on Authentic Dominican Bachata, but we have to teach also all the other Dominican dance genres including Salsa in order the attendees to survive the parties with Dominicans. We added Salsa to get some action to otherwise "bachata quiet" Wednesday and to introduce the Santo Domingo vibrant salsa dancers society. Regular Dominicans either don't dance Salsa or they dance Street Salsa (=Mamberos, Heavitos, Callejeros, Timberos). Nearly all the Salsa dance schools teach New York Salsa On2. DR10 instructors, in addition of being the most famous authentic bachata dancers are also amazing salsa dancers, especially Yocasti, Rodolfo, Susan and Carlos. Yocasti is the Dominican Republic 2015 Salsa champion and all our instructors are well-known in the international Salsa festivals.


SalsaRD Day has 5 workshop hours of Salsa NY On2, a wild party in the famous Salsa Club Aguila. The instructors are Yocasti, Rodolfo, Susan and Carlos. The title is SalsaRD (Salsa de República Dominicana) to express our goal to teach the Dominican way to dance New York Salsa On2 and to give you an underground tour to Santo Domingo salsa scene. You'll have a chance to familiarize yourself with excellent salseros, known to be excellent bachateros also. In addition to street and talented dancers we might see Rumberos, Hevitos and Timbaleros. SalsaRD 1 day February 1, 2017 price US$85 is included into the price US$790 of DR10 FULL 10 DAYS. DR10 SalsaRD+Santo Domingo 4 Days is a good combination.

Thursday: Colmadon and Cabaret Elegante

Cabaret Elegant is a clean version of a whore house and definitely with the best bachata. Previous festival attendees always want to return to this Cabaret, it's pretty elegant and vibrant.

Cabaret Elegant

Friday PreParty: Club Merengue

Club Merengue

If timetable allows, we'll visit on Friday Club Merengue in Calle Hostos, Zona Colonial. It will be really energic PreParty to start engines for the big barrio party. The following videos were filmed in here: DR6 party, Rodolfo&Yocasti Salsa, Vesa&Yocasti Bolero, Rodolfo&Yocasti Bachata, Vesa&Yocasti Merengue
and Melanie concert.

Friday Mariño Castellano @ Swing Sport Bar

The legendary bachatero Mariño Castellano from the 80's and 90's is back in fashion filling the Bachata Clubs in Dominican Republic. Now he is pushing the new 2016 song Ponte Pa lo Tuyo. The previous hits include e.g. Eso Da Pa To, El Que Nada Tiene Nada Bale, Que Me Lleve Quien, En Nombre De Este Amor, Corazon no Llores, Dormiras En Mi Cama, Piscina and Se Fue De Mi Lado. Mariño is our favorite and we regard him as the best Dominican Bachatero, because he creates the best ambient :-) It's a great honour to get Mariño Castellano again in DR10. This time it will happen in a wild club called Swing Sport Bar in the deep barrios of Santo Domingo. We have had Mariño also in the megaconcerts at DR8 with Feliz Cumbe in Home Run Sport Bar, DR6 with Luis Miguel del Amargue in Paraiso Musical and DR5 with Ramon Torres in Sol Car-Wash.

Mariño Castellano

Saturday Tripletazo Concert Celito-Fenix-Atabales @ Parque Municipal Guerra

Guerra has always been our most authentic bachata experience. Now we are proud to present Tripletazo Concert. Celito for bachata and variada, Fenix de la Bachata naturally for Bachata and Atabales de San Miguel for Palo. Look at the Guerra videos of the previous festivals. BachataTour Guerra (150 000 YouTube visitors), DR3 Celito, DR3 Atabales, DR3 Guerra Tour 3 Clubs, DR6 Yocasti Palo and DR6 Guerra Tour.

Home Run Sport Bar

Sunday: Jarabacoa River Club Excursion

DR9 had such a great time in Jarabacoa River Club that we decided to do it again in DR10 Bachata Festival in Dominican Republic on Sunday Feb 5, 2017. River Club has several pools, big river, hanging bridge, restaurants and a huge dance floor for dancing.

River Club
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