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DR9 Bachata Festival
Detailed Program

DR9 FULL 16 DAYS is divided into three parts.

- DR9 PreRuta Bachatera 7 days Dec 2-3-4-5-6-7-8
- DR9 Santo Domingo VIP 4 Days Dec 9-10-11-12
- DR9 Ruta Bachatera Plus 5 days Dec 13-14-15-16-17

PreRuta Bachatera and Ruta Bachatera Plus means private charter bus to see the bachata attractions of the whole Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo VIP workshops, parties and concerts are all in Santo Domingo. PreRuta has 12 workhops, Santo Domingo 30 and Ruta practically no workshops, but it has the biggest attractions incl. Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez.

How to read and understand DR9 festival contents?

The biggest in the world Authentic Dominican Bachata festival with all new contents unknown to non-dominicans is certainly hard to understand. After the festival you (like all the previous attendees) will admit DR9 having 10-20 times more substance than you could ever imagine. Just throw yourself into the adventure is the easiest way to proceed. Reading the description page and the above preliminary program gives more accurate view. This program page gives you more detailed view of each party, concert and party place. Follow the news in the Facebook event and group.

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera is a private charter bus Santiago-> Jarabacoa-> Vega->Damajagua-> Cabarete-> Santo Domingo to see all the Cibao area and Cabarete beach bachata activities. You should look at the photos to get an idea of what will happen. Look also the detailed program above to see the day to day activities and 12 workshop hours to learn to dance bachata like a Dominican. The orginal Ruta was such a big success that it was a must to create PreRuta Bachatera. PreRuta is before and Ruta is after the DR9 Santo Domingo VIP. PreRuta is 2 days longer than Ruta and the extra time will be spent in the fancy beach of Cabarete.

DR9 PreRuta Photos

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera is an excellent combination of workshops, fun activities, parties, concerts and most importantly to see all the bachata attractions in Santiago-Jarabacoa-Vega-Damajagua-Cabarete-Sto Domingo. We (Vesa, Yocasti, Rodolfo) have a long experience in making everyone to dance like a Dominican in 1 or 2 days, although becoming a master involves the Santo Domingo 4 days and a lot of dancing. PreRuta will teach you the Authentic Dominican Bachata fundamentals, leading, following, musicality, stepping, double&triple, footwork, levels and most importantly we will prepare you to be culturally ready to dance with Dominicans. In addition Julio will teach some Merengue family dance skills to survive the parties and to participate the new filming session.

Workshop program big .jpgDR9 PreRuta Workshops

DR9 Santo Domingo VIP

DR9 Santo Domingo has 30 workshop hours in two fancy conference halls of Museum Trampolin in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo. There will be parties in Lucia, Club Merengue, Colmadon, Cabaret and Gourmet Restaurant. The big concerts are in the ruins, car-wash and sport bar in the deep barrios, bus transport included. Such a variety of best bachata places and excellent artists means VIP treatment, a must to see event. DR9 Santo Domingo VIP has no attendee amount limit. The party places are huge with the most famous Dominican bachata artists.

The instructors are Wilson, Yeri, Melody, Hilary, Rodolfo, Franchelle, Marcela, Liccelot, Julio, Johan, Susan, Carlos, Carlitos, Yocasti, Vesa and more to be announced. The focus is in Authentic Dominican Bachata (the way Dominicans dance) fundamentals, easy, intermediate, advanced, all new and we teach also how to play Bongo&Guira and the fundamentals of Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Bolero and Son. On arrival you'll get the detailed minute timetable of the workshops to be able to select your favorite instructors, topics and level. We will have workshops all new contents to serve the returning customers and advanced dancers.

DR9 Santo Do,mingo Workshops

DR9 Ruta Bachatera

DR9 Ruta Bachatera is an all new dance adventure with a private charter bus on the route Santo Domingo -> Barahora -> Los Patos -> Jarabacoa -> Santiago -> Fula River -> Santo Domingo to see the bachata attractions of the beach, pool, river, mangrove, fresh water pool, mountain, waterfall, countryside and big city monuments and barrios. Pretty impressive photos, isn't it? No wonder why Ruta was sold out in a couple of weeks already 9 months before the event. Fortunately we saved some tickets to be sold as part of DR9 FULL 16 DAYS.

DR9 Ruta Bachatera

DR9 instructors

DR9 instructors

DR9 staff is fully committed in making the best ever festival experience. DR9 is the only festival in the world having hundreds of years experience in Authentic Dominican Bachata dancing. We do constant development work finding out the best ways to teach you to dance like a Dominican. We regard Authentic Bachata as one of the most complicated dances in the world, although we can teach the very basics in 1 hour and more comprehensively in 1 day.


Authentic Dominican Bachata Explained

You should read the definition of the Authentic Dominican Bachata written by the Bachata Ambassador Vesa or just glancing the definition page videos to get some idea of how Dominicans dance bachata.

Authentic Dominican Bachata Explained

Pay attention to the fact that Authentic Dominican Bachata is a social dance, not a show or a competition dance. Bachata clubs in DR don't have bachata competitions or shows (exceptions can be found). However there are shows and competitions of the other dance genres (like salsa) in some of the local clubs in Dominican Republic.


Musicality means dancing to the rhythm, melody, and mood of the music. It's the key issue in any dance and especially in the authentic Dominican style bachata. Dominicans seem to hear bachata slightly different and their stepping has logics unknown to others. Dominican bachata has On1, On2, 4 step, 3 step, double step, triple step, syncopated step and chachacha step. Dominicans always dance to the music, some perfectly but everyone at least believe following the music. Musicality is actually a highly complex set of issues. In the beat level you'll find the stepping technics and stepping to the rhythm of the instruments. The skill of hearing the measures and sections is even more valuable, because failing in hearing the music section changing is the moment when Dominicans say "you can't dance" or "you are out of the rhythm". Their perception of rhythm is in higher musicality level than ours. The highest level "melody and mood" means living the moment in a deep sentimental and musical understanding. Adding the cultural customs, habits and patterns to each individual song in each different village or suburb makes the musical perfection impossible, but highly recommend way of enjoying the life learning the new way's to express yourself and to love dancing as it would be the life itself.

DR9 has invested extremely much to the musicality workshops. DR9 is the only bachata festival in the world covering all the musicality levels. All our diamond level Dominican instructors are well prepared to give you a huge amount of musicality workshops. In addition you'll be 16 days surrounded by the music and musicality with Dominicans. The authentic environment will fill your brains with all the musicality levels. DR9 will certainly change your way to hear and to dance to music.



Puente Bar Santiago

Puente Bar is one of the best clubs to dance bachata in Santiago de los Caballeros. Let's go to have hard core Authentic Bachata and Tipico Dance Fun. On Friday December 2 we have ESCUADRON en vivo @ PUENTE BAR.

Escuadron @ Puente Bar

Barajando Bar Santiago

Barahando Bar is nearly always full, crowded with excellent dancers and best ambient. We have visited it several times with great satisfaction. It's a must to see, just in front of the Santiago Monument. We'll see it in DR9 PreRuta and Ruta Bachatera. Most propably we will see at least La Sinfonica Band live. They will play variada (bachata, salsa, merengue) and we'll take care of drinking and dancing.

Barajando Bar Santiago

Film and Photo Session

Bachata Ambassador is proud to present a new concept FILM AND PHOTO SESSION ! DR9 PreRuta Bachatera has the most beautiful places to do excellent filming for the social and show dancing. We'll go to Santiago de los Caballeros Monument to get some excellent footage with the participants and instructors. La Vega will offer absolutely stunning King Treatment environment to provide the best quality individual and group photos. The session will continue in jungle, river, beach, many memories to see afterwards.

Film and Photo Session

La Vega King Treatment

KING TREATMENT @ LA VEGA is the most authentic, exotic, peculiar, beautiful and powerful experience of DR9 PreRuta Bachatera. Our private bus will take us from Santiago first to the Jarabacoa mountains to see the River Madnes. It's dancing, swimming, having fun and to learn the strange Dominican habits with Picapollo, Presidente and Brugal. On the way back to La Vega we'll stop on each Colmadon to dance Bachata. The hotel in Vega is absolutely stunning, extremely beautiful and perfect for a photo session to fill the social medias with DR9 luxury. Karaoke dine&dance will give us the energy to impress the Cibao dancers in BUKNA BAR - the best dance club of La Vega. You won't find any other promoter being able to bring such a huge amount of Authentic Dominican Bachata experiences in one day and fortunately DR9 has 16 full of action days :-)

La Vega King Treatment

BUKNA BAR is the hottest dance club in La Vega. You'll see excellent dancers and sizzling hot Sunday bachata ambient. Look at the Bukna ambient with Tipico and Merengue bands Krisspy & Su Bombazo Típico and  Raffy Matías.

Bukna Bar

Los 27 Charcos

Cool...27 waterfalls, pools and river in the jungle of Damajaqua Dominican Republic. It will be quite an adventure in the wilderness. Trekking, swimming and diving. Look at the photos and videos!

Los 27 Charcos

Bachata Academy Musicality Workshops and Concert @ Voodoo Lounge Cabarete

The iASO Bachata Academy is the World's First Bachata School. They will provide us 2 Musicality workshops and the kids concert @ Voodoo Lounge on the beach of Cabarete.

Bachata Academy

Divas Shopping

DR9 has several opportunities to do dance clothing shopping, especially in Santiago close to the hotel or while having the long return trip to Santo Domingo let's have a shopping moment in the best but most economic shops.

DR9 Divas Shopping

PreParty Concert in Santo Domingo

DR9 PreRuta ends Dec 8 when we return back to Santo Domingo. Many new participants arrive on Thursday Dec 8 to DR9 Santo Domingo. All of us will join in the PreParty to see Sabor a Son @ Lucia 312.

Sabor a Son