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DR8 diamond level Dominican instructor
Junior Aquino

DR8 proudly presents Junior Aquino from Bonao/ Las Terrenas Dominican Republic. He is our diamond level instructor, performer and animator. He will teach together with Andina.

Junior Aquino

Junior Aquino learned to dance in the colmadons and discotecas of his hometown Bonao, Dominican Republic. He studied the folkloric dance and music in "La plaza de la cultura" of Bonao. Junior got a really strong Palo background from his parents, because his father organizes big Palo parties every January. Junior has started his Salsa Mambo On2 career in Bonao, improved it in Santiago soneros dance studio and now he is the salsa, palo, afro and bachata dance instructor partner for Andina Medina in Las Terrenas. Junior has been dancing all around Dominican Republic. He has been a judge and choreographer for competitions.

Junior will teach in DR7 with Andina Medina Bachata Basics, Callejon, Colmadon and Tropical and with Virginia Tejada Bachata Criolla y con Fow.

Junior Aquino

Junior Shows

On the top of the page you can see the amazing Bachata show of Junior, Andina and Virginia filmed in Bar Bodega. It combines the authentic bachata with show elements, acting and story. Extremely well done.

Junior, Andina, Carlitos and Jonathan presented "Merengue in 80" show in DR6 festival.

Junior, Andina, Carlitos and Jonathan presented La Reina de Palo show in DR6 festival.

Junior Videos

Junior dancing Palo in DR7 BachataTour Guerra with the live music of Atabales San Miguel.

Junior&Andina bachata demo

Junior&Andina BachataMinimalista

Junior&Andina ColmadonBachata

Junior&Andina dancing bachata in La Bodega, Las Terrenas.

Junior&Fefita Bachata in Bonao

Junior&Yocasti Salsa in Bonao

Junior in Tour Salsero La Romana 2014