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Bachata Academy

The iASO Bachata Academy is the
World's First Bachata School

DR9 organizer, Bachata Ambassador Vesa is proud to present: The iASO Bachata Academy is the first music program in the world to focus on bachata, the traditional music of the Dominican barrios. In partnership with The DREAM Project, iASO has established January 1, 2013 a tuition free academy for traditional music in Cabarete, The Dominican Republic. Our program is the first in the world to teach bachata. A music of the barrios, bachata has become an important Dominican cultural export. Our mission is to foster high standards of musicality, and to build on the strength of the Dominican musical tradition. With your help, we are encouraging new generations of bachateros and bachateras to achieve their potential.

Bachata Academy

The Approach is Unique. The Bachata Academy engages students with an immersive curriculum that harnesses their enthusiasm for local music. Students participate in daily classes which employ ear learning and performance in multi-part, multi-instrument groups. With our program's emphasis on cooperative learning, we are building a musical community whose whole is even greater than its parts.

Bachata Academy

The Bachata Academy has 40 full time students who each receive up to 10 hours a week of instruction in guitar, percussion, and voice. Our students range in age from 4 to 18. Each is given an instrument, which he or she can practice on at school and at home. As students advance, they form bands. Our student bands perform frequently in Cabarete and elsewhere in the country. Pre-school initiative: We recently launched a program that provides basic music education to 60 3-5 year old children who participate in The DREAM Project's acclaimed Montessori pre-school.

Tax Deductible - Registered Public Charity

The iASO Bachata Academy @ DREAM is adjacent to the DREAM Project's Cabarete campus. The DREAM Projects is a US 501c3, and counts Pulitzer author Junot Díaz, and NY Senator Adriano Espaillat among its board of advisers. The mission is to build an exceptional music program on the foundations of a community that already nurtures a rich musical tradition

Donations are welcomed ! Bachata Academy iASO page and Facebook page.