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DR11 live concert
Tony Berroa

Tony Berroa (El Solterito de Este from Dominican Republic) is an excellent Bachatero from the 90's, a real diamond for the dancers. Just listen to his music and you'll agree! In addition to Tony Berroa DR11 has also Zorro Negro, Jose Miguel, Dinastia and 1-2 TOP5 category bachateros will be published soon.

Tony Berroa

Tony Berroa El Solterito del Este Presentacion en Vivo en De Extremo a Extremo

Julio la Salsa document: Tony berroa el solterito del este PARTE 1

Tony Berroa in YouTube - Dime que si, El Caballo Blanco, Vamonos mi amor, De Hora En Hora,
Mujer Asesina.