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Dominicanos The Real DomiBachata Bachata Survival Kit
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Planning your trip
It's totally up to you. Some of the nearby attendees will attend just the Festival 4 days, while the far away attendees will most propably combine their 1-2 weeks holiday with the 4 day Festival. Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches, excellent sports activities, cultural attractions and of course vivid music and dance oriented life style. Google for more informacion. We cannot be you personal travelling agency in your personal holiday. Our duty is to create the unforgettable festival for you.

Security issues

DR is one of the safiest latin countries. Knowing what to do and behaving in a culturally correct way with a bit of spanish makes everything smooth. Bachata Ambassador regards, from European point of view, Sto Domingo safer than the US big cities. However you should google the macho culture rules. The behaviour rules in DR clubs differ dramatically from the Salsa/Bachata club rules elsewhere. Therefore "How to survive in Santo Domingo Dance Clubs" workshop&panel discussion will be a must for everyone.

Transportation and taxisAirTravel
Dominican Republic is enough well connected. Santo Domingo airport (Las Americas) is big and there are a lot of taxis to take you to the hotel. In case you'll arrive into some other DR city make sure you'll have the Wednesday time for travelling to Sto Domingo. You might even consider helicopters and domestic flight to have some expensive fun, but seriously speaking the Metro and the Caribe Tours busses are the best ones to move around.

Carneval timeCarneval
Carnival is the biggest attraction of DR. See more