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DR8 Parties and concerts

The coming festivals
DR10 and DR11

DR10 information with details and tickets you'll find in this page. DR11 information will be published later on and it will most probably be before the Christmas of 2017.

Diamond News First - Grande Finale
DR9 has Anthony Santos
and Raulin Rodriguez

Bachata Ambassador Vesa is proud to present both Anthony Santos Dec 16 and Raulin Rodriguez Dec 17, 2016. It's much more than you could ever wish to happen in your bachata life. It will not happen twice and the unique opportunity will disappear if you don't act immediately. The best in the word naturally sell out in a snap. Both concerts are meant for drinking and dancing in the rural Fantino village and Constanza mountine of Dominican Republic. The diamond concerts are part of the world-record DR9 Ruta Bachatera Plus Dec 13-17 US$830. The tickets, payment instructions and more options can be found in the DR9 ticket sales page.

Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez

DR9 is truly the most
Authentic, Exotic and Fun

DR9 (Dominican Republic 9th Bachata Festival and Dance Adventure) is truly the most authentic, exotic and fun festival. We have excellent records. Participants repeatedly evaluate our congress to offer the best in the world festival experience. The strongest proof of the quality is that most of the attendees have returned and part of them up to seven times. Now we do the 9th and 10th festival in Dominican Republic.

DR9 Quality Guarantee

DR9 is the longest, biggest and most wanted Bachata Festival in the world. DR9 FULL has 16 days divided into three parts. DR9 three partsDR9 PreRuta Bachatera 7 days Dec 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 costs US$920 (includes festival and a shared double room 6 nights), DR9 Santo Domingo VIP 4 Days Dec 9-10-11-12 costs US$340 (just workshops, parties, concerts and concert transport, no hotel) and DR9 Ruta Bachatera Plus 5 days Dec 13-14-15-16-17 US$830 (festival + shared double room 4 nights + three dinners+Anthony Santos+Raulin Rodriguez). The three parts fit seamlessly together and give you an option to participate 16, 11, 9, 7, 5 or 4 days.

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera 7 Days Dec 2-8 is an excellent combination of workshops, big city parties, river madness, king treatment, extreme adventure and three days beach&pool fun. PreRuta has a private charter bus Santiago-Jarabacoa-Vega-Damajagua-Cabarete-Sto Domingo. The price US$920 includes 6 nights in a shared double room, bus transport, concerts and workshops. The attendee amount is limited to 40, because the clubs and hotels are small and we move by bus. DR9 PreRuta has 12 workshop hours by Vesa, Yocasti, Rodolfo, Julio and the instructors of Bachata Academy, enough to learn to dance like a Dominican and anyway you'll get 30 workshop hours in DR9 Santo Domingo VIP right after PreRuta.

DR9 PreRuta Bachatera

PreRuta will certainly be the most exciting dance adventure: Amazing big parties in Santiago, brand new filming session, gourmet restaurants, luxurious hotels, karaoke dance, best bachata clubs, photo session, extreme river and waterfall diving, bachata academy musicality classes and concert and a lot more to be announced.

DR9 Santo Domingo VIP

DR9 Santo Domingo VIP has no attendee amount limit. The party places are huge. We will have 30 workshop hours with the best instructors Wilson, Yeri, Melody, Hilary, Rodolfo, Franchelle, Marcela, Liccelot, Julio, Johan, Susan, Carlos, Carlitos, Yocasti, Vesa. The focus is on Authentic Dominican Bachata (the way Dominicans dance) fundamentals, intermediate, advanced and all new. We teach also how to play Bongo&Guira and the fundamentals of Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Bolero and Son.

DR9 Santo Domingo is committed in bringing you the best ever bachata experience. That's why we call it VIP. You'll see the best and most interesting bachata artists in the biggest or otherwise most popular places. You'll see the colmadon magic, car-wash experience, ruins, cabaret, gourmet restaurant and huge club glory.

DR9 Ruta Bachatera Plus

DR9 Ruta Bachatera

DR9 Ruta Bachatera Plus is a private charter bus Santo Domingo -> Barahora -> Los Patos -> Jarabacoa -> Santiago -> Fantino -> Fula River -> Constanza -> Santo Domingo showing all the Bachata attractions on the beach, river, mountain, pueblos and barrios. Now that we have also Anthony Santos Dec 16 and Raulin Rodriguez Dec 17 it's called Ruta Bachatera Plus.

Catamaran Fun

DR9 combines the best knowledge and the Dominican crazy dance culture. Welcome to have Dominican fun :-)


DR9 PreRuta Bachatera
Friday Dec 2 Workshops @ Santiago
Cowboy Dinner, Escuadron Tipico&Bachata & Puente Bar
Saturday Dec 3 Workshops @ Santiago
Filming and animation, Gourmet Dinner, Barajando
Sunday Dec 4 King Treatment @ La Vega
River Maddness, Carretera Colmadon, King Treatment, Photo Session, Karaoke Dance&Dine, Bukna Bar @ La Vega
Monday Dec 5 Cabarete Beach
27 Charcos Extreme Adventure, sunset beach&pool fun
Tuesday Dec 6 Fun Activities, Bachata on Beach&Pool @ Cabarete
Bachata Academy Musicality workshops
Bachata Academo Concert @ Voodoo Lounge
Wednesday Dec 7 Fun Activities, Bachata on the Beach&Pool Cabarete
Rio Verde Megafiesta @ Montellano
Thursday Dec 8 Transport to Sto Domingo, Divas Shopping
Sabor a Son @ Lucia, Zona Colonial Sto Domingo
Friday Dec 9 Workshops @ Trampolin
PreParty @ Club Merengue, Bachata Concert Dinastia @ L'Hangar, Sto Domingo
Saturday Dec 10 Workshops @ Trampolin
PreParty @ Colmadon Zona Colonial
Bachata with live band @ Barrios, Sto Domingo
Sunday Dec11 Workshops @ Trampolin
Grupo Bonyé @ Ruins + Cabaret & Car-Wash Magnolin
Monday Dec12 Workshops @ Trampolin
Noche de Bolero&Bachata with Solterito del Sur @ Gourmet Restaurant Angelo
DR9 Ruta Bachatera
Tuesday Dec13 Transport to Barahona
BonfireBachata, Malecon BachataTour
Wednesday Dec14 Los Patos and Barahona
Talleres, Patos Tour, Pool Bachata, Big Tree Tour
Thursday Dec15 Jarabacoa
Noche de Bolero&Bachata @ Mountain Gourmet
Friday Dec16 Santiago
Waterfall Tour Jarabacoa, Gourmet dinner @ Santiago and the whole night in Anthony Santos concert @ Fantino.
Saturday Dec17 Fula->Santo Domingo

Fula River Madness, death jumps, anim, shows
part of the attendees will leave early enough to Santo Domingo to catch flights

Ruta Plus participants will continue to Raulin Rodrigueq concert @ Constanza and return back to Santo Domingo very late, maybe 6am

DR9 Detailed Outline

Click the picture to get .pdf and read the next page Program.

DR8 Detailed Outline

Beginners, adventurers and advanced

DR9 is totally different than any other festival in the world. We don't have boring dance school parties in the hotel. We don't teach international bachata, kizomba or other non-dominican genres. DR9 is strictly Dominican. We teach only Dominican dance genres and we dance with Dominicans in the Dominican bachata clubs. We offer the workshops for beginners and advanced dancers. We have absolutely the best authentic bachata knowledge to serve the bachata instructors around the world.

Most of the attendees come alone. You don't need a dance partner because we have tons of dance partners for you. If your own partner or friend hesitates, you should feel lucky to come alone like most of the other attendees". DR9 is not a dance competition camp for divas. It's a dance adventure to learn Dominican dance culture and to live the Dominican party life. Dominican Republic (DR) is the home of bachata where virtually everyone dances Bachata. The country is full of talented bachata singers and live bands. This is your opportunity to be inside bachata - to feel, smell and experience it - and to live the real bachata life.

DR9 is exotic, fun, practical and scientific

Dance Festivals and congresses tend to be one-dimensional copies of each others repeating the same (sometimes boring) pattern. DR9 is totally different and unique. It is the only festival that takes participants out of the resort to attend concerts and parties in local venues to see 10 000 Dominicans who have never taken any dance classes but still dance better than us. DR9 is tropical, exotic, fun and even crazy in the fun activities. However we take the workshops seriously and we maintain the highest professional knowledge of Authentic Bachata. Some of our instructors are scientest, historians, engineers and some are film stars, TV stars, comedian or just crazy jungle dancers. DR9 HAS IT ALL ! You'll be astounished to see such a variety of different people, aspects and ambients.

DR8 key instructors Rodolfo and Yocasti

DR9 key instructors Yocasti and Rodolfo from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

Bachata Business Rules in DR

DR3, DR4, DR5 and DR7 went smoothly. We didn't have any problem of whatsoever. Maybe we were just lucky or maybe the festivals were perfectly planned. However, we have to take into consideration that Dominican Republic does not follow all the international rules of business. Some of the Dominican bachata artists, party places and instructors have been known to break signed and paid legal agreements. Due to these problems DR9 clearly states that nothing can be guaranteed and changes from the published schedule will occur. The changes and cancellations do not entitle ticket holders to any discounts or refunds.  In the past when cancellations occurred the festival organizers have always found excellent replacements.